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i constructed a false persona that has enabled me to survive in a world where there is no place for sissies.That persona was successful enough that most if not all of the people i have known or met, would never suspect the truth about who and what I truly am.I have now grown comfortable and accustomed to that persona.But it was a false persona, and because it wasn't real, there were gaps in it, and those gaps kept me from succeeding as a real man.- Black Teens, - Black Porn Tube , - Retro porn tube, - Fucked Black Girls, - black porn video, awesome and beauty Teen Porn - .Disclaimer: All models on this website are 18 years or older. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties.i will gladly accept total nullification to insure that i am not in this to receive sexual gratification.Will also accept an absolutely secure chastity device so that my owner can use my intact sexuality for their amusement, and my humiliation and sexual frustration.

i can and will do anything around the house from cleaning, yard work, chauffeuring, handy man type jobs, accounting and bookkeeping, act as whipping boy, sex slave duties, and anything else my potential OWNERS may wish of me.

I ask that i be kept permanently and totally feminized, that under absolutely no circumstances will i ever again be permitted freedom for the rest of my life, and that under no circumstances will i ever again be permitted to attain male sexual release or gratification, and that i am never again permitted to see myself, or allow anyone else to see me as a normal man, but as the sissified feminized slave that i am.

i am 6'1" tall, 180 pounds, dark blond hair worn shoulder length, brown eyes with glasses, slim build with swimmers type muscles, golden ruddy complexion, fairly light hair on chest, upper thighs, and beard, heavier on lower arms and calves, and no hair on my back.

No matter how much I tried, how much effort i put in, nothing worked. I do have to give everything i've got to succeed at it, and i will. A diamond in the ruff for sure, but a diamond never the less.

i have been a failure as a man, and have come to the conclusion, again recently and very reluctantly, that i will never be a successful man. One complete with a ton of bad habits that will have to be broken, and a misplaced identity that will have to be forcefully reestablished.

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